Monday, December 17, 2007


Finally! A day without rain! And just when I'm trying not to exclaim so much- GAH!
let's do some catching up, 'kay?

It all started with the week of treasuries.
The friendly and so encouraging Avril of Avrilloreti put together this one, a charming black & white collection that ended up on the front page. Yay! She even followed it up by sending me a screen grab since I had been at work at the time & did not get a chance to see it! A couple of my other Etsy loves were in there, Morton Watches the Moon from Yellowmonday and more of those amazing bowls from JDWolfe. Congratulations again, Avril & Co.!

There was another black, white and gold treasury that the sublime Femputer put together. Snowflake Series - Hearts had a spot when it worked its way onto the front page too ( ! ). My little moment of starlight that time lasted about 5 minutes, but I got to meet Lauren from LocalLibrary. Her piece Cold DayGlow was the cornerstone of the treasury, and she moseyed on by the old blog to check out these here parts. Thanks Lauren! : )

It really all started with Celeste's marvelous Gocco Love treasury, but I'm saving that for The Love Issue. : )

Orders were still building, however, when the treasuries left... and right when I was going back to work. It was during this crazy time that Celeste Googled ouou and figured out that a "mail serve" (I am still unclear as to what this is, other than a newsletter?) had posted about several pieces in the shop. Ooh my goodness! Even the Little Monkey Gocco tags! Go Gocco! I was thrilled to sell my first tags, and now the second set to darling Vicki. This was the most exciting and unexpected thing.

So it was right then that you don't want to run out of printing options. Right? And that, dear friends, is exactly what happened. That state only lasted about 4 days (what a long 4 days...) things are now beginning to return to normal. I was able to print this morning, and after sending out apologies to everyone for the orders that were late, thankfully have gotten some very patient and kind responses. I spent the whole day cutting and folding, wrapping and ribboning and stuffing envelopes. Here is my workspace while I played catch-up:

And while I was home preparing packages to go out, a very welcome package came in: New Gocco Supplies!

Ooh, I'm hoping to really cut my teeth and fill out the Gocco section in ouou over the next few months with more art for sale, Valentines a go-go, and more stationary. It sure does take a lot of ink, though. The most important thing was that we had *lots* of red. Love, love love.

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