Tuesday, December 18, 2007

We Like Lists

A blog created by two sisters (sound familiar?) found Celeste's shop and has featured Milk and Cookies!

Cookie was added to Bamboo Village Press several weeks ago. Maybe both Celeste and I were a little too expectant for these lovely napkins to get scooped up for Christmas. It seemed they were not getting that much attention in the first week or more. Personally I was a bit dismayed by this, we have a set Celeste made for the apartment and they really are adorable.

Finally today Celeste got an email that Milk and Cookies made its way into the REV It Up blog! They have the picture of the full set and a sweet little description. Thanks, ladies!

Another incredible seller on Etsy put together a front page-winning treasury... and Jingle Bells got a chance to show off her stuff before Christmas is over. Yay! Though I have a deep love of drawing people with scarves and mittens on, this was the only design I had up specific to the Christmas Holiday. I'm glad she got some time in the spotlight, she will remain on sale for a little while and then be retired when the new designs start coming in January. Good job little trooper.

Sew Crewel, the seller who put together this treasury, is on my list for the next Art & Such I write, but for now get a load of the irresistible power of adorableness in her shop:

Yes, she has made the most precious little mitten ornaments in all of Etsydom. And they are tiny! And they are made of *felt*! So, you can imagine I was pretty excited to see she had put together such a lovely treasury & gotten on the front page. Sadly, I keep missing the front page excitement- this time I was out cold with a miserable migraine- but it was a nice thing to see upon checking back in this evening. : ) Thanks again Sew Crewel, you stitch a mean mitten!

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