Sunday, December 2, 2007

Like Magic

Well, you know... I like to keep busy. : )
Today I am pleased to introduce my new Gocco section in OUOU. Hooray!

There are a couple of card designs, some gift tags that I really love, and my first ever two-color print "Snow Day". Pardon my exuberant over-use of exclamation points in this post while I thank my lucky stars for helping me work in a medium I am wild about!

This drawing has gone through several versions before becoming a print. The first had very tiny lines matching the hair of the girl and sleeves on the boy. I was going to go for a dragon (yes, more dragons) behind them, but I just wasn't thrilled about those attempts.

Finally, after about a week at the sketchbook trying to draw out a new design for introducing myself to Gocco poster-making, I remembered these two and their unfinished dilemma. The drawing was altered yet again in order to keep from goopy prints, finest lines removed and dragon done away with for a new pattern drawn for the "sky" of blue you see behind their heads.

Yesterday was the final day of printing for this particular set and it was so much fun seeing them come together!

One of those moments when you feel very lucky indeed to be an artist is when while working on one project you suddenly figure out the solution to another, seemingly out of the blue.

The day before my first post in this blog, Celeste and I started using Gocco and I made a screen for this "I've Missed You, Little Monkey" drawing. Somehow she got lost in the excitement of the last few weeks and has not appeared in either the printed cards or Gocco silkscreens.

While waiting for the blue ink of "Snow Day" to dry I remembered this early screen, the design fitting eerily perfectly onto some large gift tags we had bought to experiment on.
What luck! And what a way to wait for the "paint" to dry, but to do more "painting"!

And then make cookies! ...Okay, you heard about the cookies already.

In conclusion I also want to add that I woke up this morning and we had gotten our first snow here. Awwww! Just like magic!

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