Monday, December 3, 2007

Projects Beget Projects

Hola everybody!

Another busy day. My my, there are a lot of details in opening an Etsy shop and taking th
at big leap of selling your creations! Today was a day of testing out possibilities. Lucky for me when I run into a wall my sister is a fountain of patience and goodwill. We tried out different printing today (try, try again) to eventual sucess and jubilation. Though the output was the best yet, I confess... for a while there I was not so sure I could keep up. Whew!

Now, in art school they toss around quite a bit this stereotype of the fumble-thumbed artists trying to be their own businessmen. "Get an agent as soon as you can!" was the mantra from our Illustration professors. I get it. I do. And yeah, if I could just sit around drawing and sculpting and making prints or tinkering at new projects while handing off my designs to helpful little elves, wouldn't I? Wouldn't anyone?

Well, I was never one to deny elves anything... but I am starting to believe the more mechanical side of this process is there to help you release those creations out into the world wit
h good tidings. Perhaps regarding the production side as an extension of the creative process takes the frantic feeling out of working from a strictly business mindset. The printing stresses me out, still, but it leads to the mailing part... that is deliciously fun for me... so I guess not all sides of production are tedious.

I'm still finding my way through having a business on Etsy compared to what I learned back in art school, luckily the actual process of being in business this way is a lot more exciting and rewarding than the litany of do's and don'ts we were treated to in school. Even through the rough patches.

I have already stalled one weekend when I was planning to go to Massachusetts in order to open the Gocco section of OUOU, not so sure if my whole week off is going to end up being co-opted by Etsy troubleshooting.
Time to listen to more Craftypod podcasts on time management! Best. Resource. Ever!

Still having fun with package design, I've been playing with the idea of rubber stamps (I know it should be backwards, but that photo was confusing) for added home-made-ey-ness. Or, because I've never tried to make my own rubber stamps before. I am also cooking my first sweet potato while I blog tonight. Mmmmm, first time for everything.

And, what am I reading while in the growing pains of my first month on Etsy? Yeah, that's right, the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying by Sogyal Rinpoche. Gives me the option while I am biting my fingernails raw over fuzzy prints and shipping prices to either think about A. blogging or B. clouds passing through the sky (Zen gong sound). Obviously, I need some practice. But seriously? This book has a compassionate, generous, loving voice and has been an absolute pleasure so far.

Celeste got some lovely new books the other day too and I want to rave about this one before I go eat yummy dinner! Take a look at Emily's Balloon next time you are in (the best bookstore ever, or) your local bookshop. Sparse and delicate, grainy illustrations in subtle hues of (we call her "chubberton") Emily and her balloon make for a sweet rendering. Books that concentrate on toddler years, appropriately, are often colorful and cartoon-y... Emily's Balloon is a comfortable departure.

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