Thursday, January 3, 2008

The corner of Bamboo and Laurel

So you know how sometimes you are on Etsy and sipping your nighty night tea, thinking "I should really go to bed" but there is some tricksy magnetism that keeps you feeling as though there is just that one thing you have left to do before closing up shop for the night... and a half an hour later...

It all started when I thought I would go browsing through the gift guides to see if they were still Christmas or predominantly Valentines. Whaddo you know, but the second to last page of Book Worms and Writers (swoon) had Bamboo Village's Milk cards!

No! Wait! Silly me, it began while looking through Treasuries & finding this fantastic treasury from LapinNoir dedicated to her boyfriend! Whats that in the upper left corner? It appears to be ouou's Love Blooms cards pictured right next to Dapper Dan from Bamboo Village! What are the chances...

And, so, sure... within seconds of seeing those Celeste found the knock-em sock-em THIRD Treasury containing Bamboo Village and ou parallels. This time the aptly titled treasury "Ta Da" by Ndnchick, and boy is it fun. Yay Surprises from the Village shines in the upper left corner, Yay Party, an ouou black and white, makes waves bottom center. Everything in this treasury has "Yay" in the title, such a perfect theme for a treasury collection. Personal favorite? Yay Serotonin by Clothmothclothing.
As though that wasn't enough, check out Celeste's sneak peek at her upcoming artwork here! You will be smitten with the detailed and delicate Gocco work she has been doing... both for Chinese New Year and Love, after the great success of Cricket and Compass designs. I saw the finished work yesterday, and was just charmed beyond words. And she has more than that on the horizon! Yay Sista!


Celeste said...

that sure WAS fun, wasn't it?? it's so cool to be side by side in treasuries! ^_^

Laurie said...

I'm still tickled!

biibii said...

i love 'love blooms'. i LOVE it.