Thursday, January 10, 2008


Hi everyone! Man, oh man, it feels like forever since I have done a blog post. Today I made a *list* of the topics I wanted to blog about- and that simple (yes, crazy) act in itself got me thinking- maybe I should just post something.

Something I would like you all to go check out is the amazing work Celeste created for Poppytalk's Love Transforms issue! If you are new to poppytalk, this is a blog & showcase that picks a monthly theme and offers galleries to some really brilliant artists and crafters. Poppytalk's crisp design savvy offers some pretty amazing art in a less cluttered, less overwhelming format than Etsy.

Celeste has a gallery in this month's love themed poppytalk handmade, and in it you will find a delicious smattering of some of the most delicate and spirited work she has done so far- as well as some Bamboo Village classics! I have been watching my sister emerge as a printmaker (to add to etcher, and photographer, and non-profit coordinator) these last few months and am simply overflowing with glee about it! Beginning with moleskines, on to cards, as well as gift tags (I stole more than a few...), Celeste's recent Gocco work is everything from bold to sensitive to joyful!

It has also been fascinating working side by side and creating such different art expressions with our shops and the images/ wares we produce. There are times when it is easier to step back and see the things we are creating apart from the long nights, the disappointing mistakes, the bizarre stretches of too much time in front of the computer (thus my week away from the computer)... those times are often when the next idea comes! But, before jumping into the next project or scrounging for the sketchbook, there are moments of clarity and refreshing excitement about this work. Realizing we are both working with positively buoyant themes in our work, too, brings a flood of happiness!

Speaking of floods of happiness, guess who got her cards in the mail!? Lupin has been such a joy to be in touch with, and saved me from ignorance of the fate of her tea drinking dragons by dropping me an Etsy convo that she blogged it! Thanks, Lupin! In my mainly off-line week I would have been very sad to miss it! She is up to some incredible stuff, herself, with woodland creatures abounding... go chekkit out! :)

I'm off to bed, but boy do we have catching up to do! More soon!

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Celeste said...

What a good sister you are - thanks for the posting about poppytalk. Can I just steal it and drop it into my blog?

It is a lot of fun to work side by side with you. I wouldn't trade it for anything.