Friday, January 18, 2008

Ever Unfolding

To my friends considering opening Etsy shops: having some sort of business plan actually does help. After the last several months of thinking I could, pretty much, handle everything in an "organic" way? Yeah, that only lasts so long!

Yesterday I sat down and wrote out the totality of projects I am in the middle of, what is to come, and what I am hoping to bring into the shop/ just finish in the next two months. This did wonders in clearing my head of the constant "I want!" jabber when it comes to beginning new projects and the haphazard juggling of unfinished past projects. I mean, I hope so. I'm thinking it will be like a time-release effect, with clarity only becoming stronger as I become used to this radical new *structure*.

Still, the reality of moving and all the strings that must come together sunk in hard and fast when I had a recent change in job schedule, an unexpected lurch in the planning. Reluctant as I may be to put the excitement and ever unfolding experience of the Etsy shopkeep on hold, a plan is also helpful when you need to shift the middle ground with your shop. For me, it is remembering this is all an ever unfolding experience. Opening the tunnel-visioned aperture, I guess.

Anyway, these are my musings for tonight, since I promised myself upon starting this blog that I would talk about the experience of opening a shop... then Christmas busted onto the scene and I forgot that I am new to this! :)

So, in closing, I do have a couple new things I will be blogging about in the upcoming weeks though over all my shop growth will be slower and more deliberate. With some concentration on finishing some 1/2 done work (like this part of a weekly painting above...) and a plan in place for the shop, ooh how sweet it is!

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