Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Saving Trees, Drawing Stuff

Today I uploaded some photos on Etsy of my new packaging- ta da! Not too different from the old packaging (you still get to unwrap something) but with less waste. Recycled card stock is just out of my $$ range, so I am trying to make alterations where I can to make sure my packages are friendly to the earth.

Since the last trip to the printer, and this week's delivery of miniature envelopes from our friendly neighborhood UPS, mini cards are back in stock! These little guys sure do take a while to finish! Hopefully the stock I have now should hold strong through all your mini-needs! :)

Not only did the teeny tiny envelopes come in the mail, but our Gocco supplies did too... and since I wasn't the one who put the order through, I got to be delightfully surprised by the new colors! It will take a while to get all my ducks in a row for the new round of printmaking. Right now I am drawing and getting projects to scale for new designs to be made into screens.

In conclusion, there is some brevity to my blogging tonight, I am going to leave you with this Benny & Joon treasury somebody put together last week. They even found raisins! These people are so amazing!

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