Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Yay! Finally! On the way home from the post office we finally got some *snow*!! That is my silly new winter hat, and yes those are the pom poms on my silly new winter hat.

This part of PA is not exactly the most picturesque, but it was so much fun to turn the walk into a photo excursion!

This I just happened upon while thinking about shooting the construction guys impervious to the sudden flurries, big dude outside taking a picture of little dude who had just gotten off the bus. :) Guess I'm not the only one who has been waiting for winter!

* * *

Back at home, I have finally cleaned my workspace from some big projects (cut, score, fold, cut, score, fold...) so that I can get down to the good stuff and actually spend some time drawing tonight.

..Messiness is to blame, but also finishing Season Three of Lost before Season Four starts in a couple weeks... Got this Lost card in the mail last week from the quirky and jovial BettyTurbo that pretty much sums up my January thus far! She, too, is home of the Bizarro Flying Cake that got me into her shop in the first place?! Mmm, nothin' says lovin' like Etsy geekery!

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