Saturday, January 26, 2008

Favorite Things/ Scrabble Nightmare

I just finished an unexpected Chinese New Year design! Yatta! (I just love it that there is a link for that)
Time to take a break, sit
down this afternoon with some Earl Grey tea and a nice warm bowl of pesto vegetables ...mmm, with pine nuts!... turn on the soft lovely Jose Gonzales I just got and catch up on recent acquisitions & news.
Lady Victoria did a splendid job getting me to fall head over heels with Tiny Showcase by telling me about it right when I was dreaming about going to the Jen Corace show in NYC. I Couldn't get to the show, but I was lucky enough to get an Oceans Don't Freeze print of my very own. They print on this almost-watercolor porous mat paper that makes it look like you have an original in your hands, not to mention the painting itself is incredible. Thank you Vicki!
Looking around for more Gocco artists on Etsy, I came across this new shop by illustrator Cindy Tomczyk. I found her new shop, thinking she had just arrived in Etsy and really excited to be her first customer! Turns out she has another shop, but I was no less thrilled to see these Love Birds come in the mail! I am a huge collector of mailing ephemera and it is very fun enjoying Gocco prints now that I know the work that goes into them. Beautiful cards, Cindy! Good luck with the new shop!

Paloma's Nest is one of those Etsy shops that really gives the whole Buy Handmade endeavor a good name. I felt like they pay professional & individual attention to detail in their service, and the crafts they make look even better in person then the beautiful pictures they have of their items. This is in their Shop Description:

Paloma's Nest by Caroline Colom Vasquez, is dedicated to creating pieces for the home and for the heart. Each piece is designed and hand-crafted in our studio in Austin Texas with care, pride, and passion, from natural materials such as wood, fabric, paper, and clay. Our inspiration lies in the purity of the materials that we use, and the idea that something so simple can be so bold. By adding text, we give written ideas, feelings, and daydreams a place to rest.

I really got the feeling this little object was made with a lot of care and warmth, I highly recommend their shop if you are in the market for a singular, exceptional handmade gift.

Here you see a couple favorite things all grouped together! Giraffes, the new Chinese New Year stamps (last year they were also really nice... gah! nerd!), and... you guessed it: more cards!

These little beauties have come in some of the swankest packaging yet. Also, I'm just wild about small, smart design on a clean white surface. Turtle Papers, you are a dream come true! You all know I like the cute, but the cute needs to be quality cute, and this printer delivers. :)

Another favorite thing is Scrabble. Celeste has a board so we decided play a couple games last night. We got our tea and some Pirate Bootie, and the whole thing was civil at first. Whatever I did to the Scrabble HooDoo, however, sure did kick off a nightmare game in our second round.

Heres my first set of letters:

And it just kept going like that!

This picture is blurry because, by then, I couldn't stop laughing.
Scrabble MoJo, I bow to your wrath.


Celeste said...

hey, i think you could have spelled HooDoo with that first letter grouping! rofl.

Laurie said...

our next match will be PHONICS SCRABBLE. ...seriously. :)

Vicki said...

I want to play Scrabble!!! Remember that time we played Scrabble with ms. fish. I miss that.

Laurie said...

I DO remember! And always associate Scrabble with those fun times! Fun to play Scrabble with giggly bawdry company! ...When are they going to e-Scrabble it so we can play online, states away from each other?