Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Travel Size

There are these things on Etsy called ACEO's, not so shockingly perfectly perfect for the way I like to draw. An ACEO is a business card size piece of original art, usually. The point (as far as I can tell) is to get a reasonable price on a bit of original art from artists you love, or for collectors who tend to stockpile small, unique things.

I have not brought any into the shop yet, perhaps in several weeks, but I have to say that for linear artists who would love to check the Something Crafty Every Day box on their 2008 resolutions, these tiny bits of bristol are wonderful. And addictive. Fantastic if you are looking to incorporate quick projects and have a delirious love of the all-mighty doodle.

Me? I'm just crazy about having a canvas for the itsy-est, bitsy-est fine lines I can possibly get.


Vicki said...

Perfect indeed. I went to an art show last year where they had people create art that was postcard sized and all the art was the same price and you don't know who the artist was. I got a tyrannosaur rex head. It was terribly fun.

Karen said...

Your artwork is so cute! I love the idea of having tiny little bits of art for sale. Itsy-bitsy is always fun!

Laurie said...

Vicki: "I got a tyrannosaur rex head. It was terribly fun."... you knew how much that would delight me, yes?
Where do you find all those amazing shows and fests to go to!?

Karen: Yay! thanks for finding my blog! You see I like your jewelery for its itsy-bitsy elements! (wink)
Can't wait to see the beach glass projects! :)