Tuesday, February 19, 2008

(rubs eyes) ... Tuesday!?

Morning, all. Things around here have been stops and starts for the last many days as my health had gone a bit wobbly. After an amazing amount of sleep I'm feeling better, looking around my desk and thinking... "Tuesday already?"

I woke up to a lovely email from the brains behind Cuteable that I've been added to their list of cute finds! A little reminder that I need to get some new boy designs into the shop... spring, as of yet, has been all about the ladies. Thank you Cuteable! Looking good, Blue Dragon! :)

Last week I wrote that the Lovely Bird design was too big to print on anything else... and then I remembered those fantastic long envelopes I bought for Valentine's Day. She looks great on the deep red paper, but I only made about 7 of these, so I'm still deciding what to do with them. Celeste has encouraged me to get this lovely lady onto cloth for a patch...

...hopefully my next post will either be about another finished painting (thanks everyone for real encouragement of Gemini) or successful printing on fabric. (cracks knuckles) Alright Tuesday, let's get this party started!

PS- Those lovely Knitter Notes that have lived in Bamboo Village for the last several months now have a baby brother, look at that knitting otter go town! :) The otter came into ouou this morning, adorable little ears and all!


melissakate said...

oooh, that top photo is so pretty. I'm glad I found your blog and therefore your shop. Your stuff is super cute!

Laurie said...

:) Thank you! Nice to see you here!