Saturday, February 16, 2008

Zany Zany Love

Printy Saturday was tiring, but oh so good!
Last week I finished 2 new designs that are too big for the small Moleskines, so I was very excited when the larger size came in the mail yesterday. You never really know how a drawing will translate into another medium, even one ink to another. Also, Moleskines are an investment, so mistakes are so much more disappointing. I'm happy to report that both images came off without a hitch!

Lovely Bird came out with the look of sheen lines (that you can't quite see) in the girl's skirt and the raven wings. I was overjoyed! I won't be printing her on anything else, even the mailers are too small, but she looks just fantastic on these journals. :)

Butterfly Sky was drawn in a style that reminds me very much of the Girl Scout Handbook from the 70's I had when I was a kid. (Speaking of the 70's, have you all seen this shop that's been popping up in Treasuries and Etsy's front page? Oh goodness, I am in zany zany love!) ...I printed her joyfulness in red, showing up strong on the Moleskines and brilliant on cards. The cards are on their way, the journals are already up!

And before I forget, I got a great photograph of yesterday's painting in actual daylight. Yay!


biibii said...

OMG i f**king love that painting. and the print? holy crap, you just keep kicking my ass!!!

Laurie said...

You so crazy, crazy! ;)