Tuesday, March 25, 2008

ACEO (and more)

OUOU is entering the wide world of collectible art cards! Woo! Today I listed my second ACEO. I've talked about these little guys before, and drawing lots of tiny little lines, but only just now bringing them into the shop. They're really fun to make! You can see my new ACEO section here!

It feels special to be entering into the ACEO scene. Some of my favorite Etsy artists offer them, and if I remember correctly it was what my sister Celeste first suggested I sell. The above is Run with Me from CharlieMotel. Shes an illustrator from the UK and sells all sorts of paper goods like postcards, cards, writing sets... as well as buttons! Below we have a gouache ACEO from MadameBogg, Red Cape Russian Doll, that is just perfect in its classic design. These are just a couple of the little diamonds you find throughout Etsy!

Last, another note on those peanut butter cookies:
I found the recipe here by way of Google. I was looking for this recipe with sweet condensed milk, which I like better. They are slightly gooey, crumbly, and your idea of that perfect peanut butter cookie. I used the first one, the Classic Peanut Butter Cookie, and replaced flour with spelt. This made them thinner, but they were still good, and are tasty microwaved real quick to warm them up. If you want to try them with sweetened condensed milk, you can look through cooks.com, they have many options there. Enjoy!


mushroommeadows said...

what sweet little things they are! :)

laurie said...

Having a teeny-tiny canvas is just so much fun~ :) Thank you MushroomMeadows.