Friday, March 28, 2008

Painty Friday

Several weeks ago Illustration Friday had the theme "Garden"- - - better late than never! Happy Painty Friday, this is my latest, finished just recently with the Staedlter pens my brother sent in the mail. Thanks, Simon!

I'm not participating heavily in IF yet, too unusual a work schedule, but it is great to check it out and puzzle over~ just in case inspiration strikes. These are the best photos I currently have of the "Garden" watercolor, more later on my Flickr page. If they ever come up with "wrinkly dress" as a theme, I'll be all set for that one.

With 31 days to go, I'll be packing up the paints very very soon. Amazing. More on the process next week:
Happy Weekend, Everyone!


DMProductionandSales said...

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laurie said...

I'll check that one out~ thank you so much for the tip! ;)

loriotndorr said...

just getting to know your work. you have some fabby pieces!

laurie said...

Thank you Loriotndorr~ so sweet! :)