Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bi Bim Bab, Seriously.

Bi Bim Bab, that's what I'm talking about.

Right, every weekend post around here its food, food, food! Friday afternoon in the best Korean & Japanese restaurant in town was a much needed break. Sister and I both ended up getting Bi Bim Bab, a delightfully simple meal that comes to the table sizzling while it continues to cook in its own cast-iron pot. The carrots, daikon, zucchini and bean sprouts... oh goodness... sit on a bed of rice with a fried egg hat on its uppermost. So incredible!

I really hope I can learn how to cook this at some point.

I'm working on a couple of projects... but its slow going, I must confess. Got that feeling (this comes and goes) that I can't stay long away from my sketchbook, even if the doodles aren't great. I guess this is "Discovery Mode", not the time for finishes. Out of the many different ways the creative process fluctuates and changes energy, I like this feeling~ it is exploratory, searching, just following where sketches go from one page to the next.

So this kind of drawing, and Spring Cleaning (or Spring Clearing-Out), and perhaps beginning to knit a baby hat (!) is what my weekend looks like. The blog will be taking a serious turn toward what is going on while we gear up for the long-haul, I hope you guys can bear with me. I'll certainly be announcing a few more introductions to the shop this month, but honestly the creative energy is going to be taking a shift as the Spring unfolds. I hope for all of you it is also unfolding with inspiration, growth, and curiosity.

Now, anyone know a good recipe for frozen salmon? Hmmm...

Gocco news coming next week!


noricum said...

I have a great recipe for cedar plank salmon. (You don't need those expensive planks from the fancy cooking store... untreated cedar fence lumber works just fine. ;) )

laurie said...

Noricum to the rescue! :D

Clear Pink said...

I love my gocco. where do you get your supplies?

tinee said...

Bi Bim Bab - yes!! what a sound! i'd love to share a big BIG bowl right now. i'm starving!

(looking forward to see your new goccos...maybe i should get one, too ;)

tinee said...

oh and cedar plank sounds DELICIOUS!

i put my salmon in the grill oven, covered with fresh thyme, thin lemon slices, fresh grounded black pepper, a drop of olive oil,little flock of butter, some fresh garlic and a small amount of white wine. simple, but yummy.

laurie said...

Clear Pink: here is our Gocco supply triad... first theres, I'm a longtime Paper Source lover but it is probably the most $$$ for anything but paper.

then usually check recent rates on Ebay- the good thing there are discounts on inks they don't make anymore.

Our last secret weapon is, esp. for the screens and bulbs, who has such friendly customer service and the least expensive supplies.

This is a long answer but Gocco can add up so fast! I'm glad I have hungry readers out there, too. Tinee I think our tummies are on the same wavelength. :)