Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A is for Acrobat

Here we are in the rain again, and lots of it too, so no pictures from today to share with you. I do have a painting, though, that is the beginning of an A B C series. A is for Acrobat!

I figure its okay to have Painty Friday on Wednesday, yeah? This particular painting is inspired by my recent and absolute obsession with the Retro Kid Pool on Flickr. Those book covers, records, ads and packages build one fascinating collection. I'll have more images in my Flickr page of A is for Acrobat. Yay!

Tonight I'm working on an interview from fellow Etsy Greetings member and the blogger/Etsyist behind Macaroni and Glue. More news on that later in the week. Thanks, Kelly! You're so encouraging! During my blog vacation I was featured in a Moleskine collection in Heart Handmade, a really well thought out, beautiful style & art directory. Marichelle at Heart Handmade's Etsy shop Wunderlust has carefully crafted bags and cloth projects, and I was very honored to be among those heavy hitters like KupKup and SiebenMorgen! You guys rock! Finally, the blog A Thing of Beauty has posted the list of 100 Great Artists on Etsy~ (by artists they mean visual arts) this list is mighty, the artists are incredible, do check it out!


Beate said...

Love your a-picture!
And you have a great blog :)

Kelly said...

Hey.... aren't you supposed to be working on something else?? :) Ha! See, I told you I was stalking you - I even followed you to your blog! I loooooove the A picture.

Scott Bulger Photography said...

This is a great start to a series. This would make a great children's book. Your style is fantastic!

always young at heart said...

I absoolutly loove the Aa! Can"t wait for the other 25 letters. You know I will be the first to buy what ever it becomes (a book, set of cards, puzzle, who knows!) PUBLISHING!!!!!

laurie said...

Hey you guys, thank you so much! Wow! :)