Tuesday, March 4, 2008

making a mess

Hi everybody! Happy Super Tuesday... the 2nd...
Yesterday was a Monday of hit the ground running: lots of work to do. After a big round of printing, it took me a little while to realize that I had not formatted the Cupcake cards correctly! Argh! It's back to the printer today, as well as a major mailing of over 20 parcels and those long over-due special gifts for some special customers (more on that soon). Whew!

I made such a huge mess in my room while cutting, folding, packaging up cards & writing notes, wrapping Moleskines, packaging artwork; finally I had to leave the room and bring my chaos into the rest of the apartment. There was a post-dinner Gocco printing of Otter Moleskines, after such fantastic light in the living room that I finally got to take new photos for the Birds and Bunny tags (before Easter- fantastic!)
...last time it took way too long and the mini-eggs were eaten during last week's Lost.

All of this packaging and mailing and printing is a wonderful distraction from the painting I had been telling you about, but already I'm feeling the urge (after 2 days) to get back to the watercolors & the peaceful pressure of painting. Here's a sneak peek at one of my projects... I am very fond of this design but it just has not picked up in the shop since adding it. So, a painted version is on it's way- the first watercolor to arrive in ouou. I'm having some trouble with reproductions, more news when light turns green on that front.

Back to work!
: P


Karen said...

I love that picture in watercolor; very nice.

If I could paint, I think I'd prefer watercolor. Of course, I can't, haha...but you do it beautifully! :)

Catherine said...

Gorgeous watercolour painting. I admire anyone who can get the paint to 'pool' in the right places - I have to cheat and do it digitally!
Those tags are really sweet too.

laurie said...

I cheat by using a crazy-small brush!

:) you should see my try and use a computer to even draw a line- I am remarkably & disturbingly confused when I have to use a computer to make an image! (:

Thank you guys!