Thursday, March 6, 2008

sweet teeth

Thursday. I love Thursday. I have no idea what happened to Wednesday, I vaguely remember being terribly worried about this and that... but I woke up today just 100% delighted that Thursday it is!

So, in my happy state I'll share some of those paintings I had finished last week. These were practice sketches, completely finished paintings that took about 1/2 day each but intended as trouble-shooting. This first guy has a layer of colored pencil over the paint, I was going for a crayon-type look:

Below were the initial attempts at the new Hello Gator drawing conversions to watercolor. In the end I inverted the orange and green of her sweater and skirt and deepened the color of her hair. I was unsure about these until going over them in ink, my favorite part.

At this point, they've gone out to milestones, some of whom may have wondered if I had forgotten about them! My 900th & 1001st Heart got these small original paintings, as well as my 200th sale!

Painting 1st:

You can bet I am really really focusing on anticipation of a deliciously sunlit apartment (or porch? or... yard!?) in my Oregon future. Pictures above still came out blue (&%$*@#!) despite several days of photo shoots. The second painting photos still need some repair before I post those.

* * *

Otherwise this week I learned:
1. never re-list all day on a day the press is calling Super Tuesday, no matter how many Super Tuesday's there are in a year.
2. chocolate fudge trumps apples.
3. maple walnut fudge trumps apples.
4. penuche nut fudge trumps apples.


always young at heart said...

mmmm, fudge trumps all...just had a piece of the maple, too. love the watercolors

Celeste said...

hmmm, i haven't even tasted that fudge yet - did you eat it all??

love that bear, and lucky lucky special customers to get original paintings!

laurie said...

thank you for the encouragement, family! :)