Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tasty & Delicious

It all started with that darn cake. Ooh, and theres more leftover. My sister Celeste and I met friends Friday night for dinner (it was great- thanks so much guys!) and Celeste brought this chocolate madness for desert. So incredible. I chanced by a 1/2 slice the next day and... mmm... the memory is still sweet.
I hope everyone is eating well this Easter & having a good weekend!

You all know I'm crazy-addicted to sugar, and most of you know this above-mentioned sister is also pregnant, with twins, so there is a lot of eating going on in the house. I had no idea how many times I would be blogging about food! Today I put together some peanut butter cookies... maybe to distract myself from the other slice of chocolate cake. Did it work? Well, peanut butter cookies now outnumber slices of chocolate cake...
...good enough for me!

After all that peanut butter, I sure wish I wasn't lactose intolerant. Sheesh. (BTW, Vicki, those "SOY" Moleskines will be out next year- I haven't forgotten!) Off to go make some tea instead. Since there are so many holidays and Holy Days going on around now I'll just say Happy Sunday All!


always young at heart said...

what a great day...goodies and good best friends...and a new home for "married to the sea". really great interview!

mollie said...

I don't suppose you would like to share where that Peanut Butter Cookie recipe is from?

laurie said...

About those PB cookies: Mollie, my answer is so long, I'll put more in the post today. Until then, is great for baking recipes!


ooo that looks soooo deathly good!!!