Monday, April 14, 2008

Bear With Me (please)

You know, this weekend was the point when it has finally sunk in that having the shop open right now is becoming a very tricky balancing act. Less the shipping or re-listing, but maintaining it in other ways. I've been really struggling with getting back to convos and emails, even with the 7 p.m. no-internet rule all blown to bits. Speaking of that, I want to thank Super Kawaii Mama for including Audrey in her blog! Did I mention Gigelea yet, too? My goodness.

As some of you may already know, or all of you, I am packing up and moving out of PA at the end of the month. My sincere wish is that through this time any of you reading the blog have patience with me through these transitional posts. I'll take you with me best I can, and the fun thing is I'm moving cross country vis road trip... so hopefully it will be an exciting read! I'm planning out my travel journal (I may have already talked about this) ahead of time and promise to try my very best to get non-lame (see above, see below) pictures. Please bear with me, thank you so much for your wonderful comments so far, and come along for the ride!

The count now is 14 days. (nervously chewing lip)

The plan at first was to keep the shop open until early May, but I will have to use the upcoming week as a test run. My sister Celeste has closed up her Etsy shop Bamboo Village already, we had a weekend of pizza and packing and ...more packing. Saturday I had my first really great driving day- thats another silly part of this trip: I have lived in cities or been moving around so long that I never got my driver's license. I seem to have finally relaxed and begun enjoying being on the road. : ) Now that the price of gas is $3.30. Ugh.


Firefly said...

Good luck with your cross country road trip. We did it... twice! From NC to Seattle and back. We took two routes a northern route back in 2004 and a southern route in 2006.

Where are you heading?

Be safe and get AAA if you don't already have it!

laurie said...

Hi Firefly! I'll be safe, I promise! I'm heading out to Portland, Oregon :) and so excited that its happening in the beginning of spring.
We have plotted a northern route for us... this time at least.

So great to hear from someone who made the trek! I've been on the east coast all my life, so I'm hoping to be really awed by the country.
Thanks for writing!

Firefly said...

When going through Iowa (if you're on I29) look for Hamburg. It is a small movie-esque town with the coolest drug store ever. It is called 'Stoner Drugs' and has the original soda fountain shop from when they opened the store way back in the day. They have yummy coke floats & sundaes!

Be careful in the Rockies... it is still snowing!

Lastly, I think Coure de Lane Idaho may be a bit farther north than you need to go, but while out west check it out. It will give you a whole different view on Idaho. It is no longer a flat potato state.

Best wishes and I look forward to reading about all of your adventures!



Super Kawaii Mama said...

You are most welcome Laurie. You're beautiful work made my day. Hope the road trip goes well. Take some great music and a deep breath.
XXX Super Kawaii Mama XXX

laurie said...

Thank you both! I'm selling so much of my music (tears) that I'm really hoping for a miracle there! :)

Firefly, how did you know this sentence:
"They have yummy coke floats & sundaes!" would have me re-plotting the trip?!
Thank you so much for the advise~ I love to know where to eat! :D