Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Teeny Insomnia

Tuesday and I'm just about all caught up with the mailing, finally! This will just be a quick post as I think I may be posting another entry tonight. For now, I'm just eager to get the organizational tasks under control and really looking forward to some good solid hours drawing. I've been working on these little neighborhoods... fun to draw... but also I owe one of my friends a new design, too. Ideas kept me up all night last night, and what do you do at 3 a.m... get up? So here I am, catching up with myself.

In the rest of the world of fun news, did you know theres a parallel moving story going on? The amazing Kitty Genius, Ashley G, just recently announced on her blog that she and her beau are picking up and moving out to Portland, OR in (you guessed it) May! I'm a huge fan of her work and she has one of the best written Profiles in all of Etsydom. So strange to read her blog and think, "Wow, am I really doing that too?".

In OUOU news, Sophie made an cameo yesterday in the indie shopping site Wickedly Chic. Thanks, guys! Scroll down a bit and you'll see cards from Macaroni and Glue, too. Its always great to see a familiar face. :) A little pic of "ouou loveliness" showed up on King Carmen's photo stream over on Flickr the other day: so cool. I go over there and just stare at this pic for long moments- such incredible work and 3D books just rock the free world. Seriously.


mushroommeadows said...

Hey...I use the same pens as you!!! :)

loriotndorr said...

hope your feeling better. great line-works!

shelly loriot

laurie said...

I've been a longtime Micron Pigma girl... but since getting those Staedtlers in the mail, ooh- I may be a convert!

Feeling great these days! :)