Monday, April 7, 2008

Oh, Hai.

(stretches arms) Good afternoon. Still here and its time to come back to the fun bits: hello again blog! :)

Recovery is going steadily along... little did I realize I would have to recover all over again Saturday when I began emerging from my drug-haze to find epic chaos had taken over my room. Sorry for that bad picture, but it was just remarkable I got any mailings out last week. Yikes!
The fun part was, I had sent away for new supplies from several companies in the beginning of the week, so while sipping my Jello and, well, staring off into space (I did a lot of that), little by little over the days all of the Moleskines and envelopes and such that keep the shop going marched into the home. I love mail. I really do.

The first thing to do (after calling my friends and telling them all of my not-so-gruesome tooth related drama, more driving practice and putting together some corn bread on Sunday) ...okay the first thing to do after all that was to get up to date with the Gocco items in my shop. This weekend the Gocco moved into my room as we get rid of furniture and pack the crafts up. It is not really the best space for it so I may have to sell out of Gocco and stop re-listing/ re-printing those soon. I spent a lot of time thinking about when to close up shop before the move and I'm aiming for either Monday, April 21st or Wednesday the 23rd.

While organizing and packing before the surgery last week I found these lovely green note cards left over from my college shopping adventures to Paper Source in Porter Square, outside Boston. (When it comes to paper goods, I really am a pack rat). I was printing up some Butterfly Sky cards anyway so I tried the image out on them... aren't they sweet? You can still see the true color here at Paper Source itself, my colors I believe are chartreuse and jadeite, and the listing in ouou here.

I think I have enough new items to list something new every day this week. No new Gocco print designs, its just a bit too close to packing up shop for that, but some fun things for the emerging springtime. My sister and I only have 21 days left in PA... and currently still deliberating over the details of this major move, but pretty soon I'll introduce you to all the characters on this journey and the route and such. I may not be blogging for those 2 weeks on the road, but I'll be keeping busy through my journals, postcards, and photos. There will be plenty to report over the next few months.

Thanks to everyone who kept me cheerful through this last rough bit. Between that and my awesome sister providing the most loveliest cheesecake in the universe (no lactose intolerance could keep me from it) it was a pretty darn good week after all!


Rosebud Collection said...

Glad you are feeling better..cute cards and beautiful picture of the tree in bloom..

acardart said...

I'm also glad that you're feeling better!

I was wondering though, what is that machine/tool in the 3rd picture you posted? It looks like so much fun!

Alison Cardinale


I'm happy to hear you're recovering! That girl in the turtle neck sweater is too cute!!

laurie said...

Oh my goodness acardart that is the funnest question for us drooling Gocco fanatics! check out for more wonderful Stamp Gocco information. It is pretty much a home silkscreen, well, kit that originated in Japan.

Thanks guys :)

acardart said...

I checked out, i wonder how i never knew about it! Reminds me of which i've been throwing around for all of my photography friends.

I started researching and have my eyes set on the larger unit but i wanted to look around a bit more for attachments and the like (ie:fabric printing). I was looking at and and for information. It looks like you have the larger unit, any suggestions of which route to go? :)

laurie said...

I'm going to do a post about our Gocco experience this week to answer you in detail... getting a lot of questions lately!

They really are amazing & the quickest answer I have is that we got ours at Paper Source, who are $$$ but a wonderful company.

More Soon!