Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hide My Teeth

Hello all! It feels like a while since blogging, or maybe its just been days since not blogging about something involving food*. (* this blog post will also probably involve food... or at least coffee).

Tonight I'm breaking my No Computer At Night rule since I won't be posting for the rest of the week. I'm having a marathon print-clip-Gocco night while catching up with The Wire on DVD. Finishing my outstanding orders and doing any of the really complicated work for the shop after printing this morning and drawing this afternoon.

I'll be out of blog range this week because tomorrow I'm having my wisdom teeth out... there are 5!... and some other work done. I haven't had teeth taken out since childhood (I know, what a post, huh?) but I have always had some anxiety about my teeth. I'm sure many people do.

This year has been one of many changes, at the end of last year I finally quit smoking, too. So, for me, this is sort of a big leaf to turn over. I really feel we all have these places where we tend to hold negative impressions or energy in our bodies, so I'm extremely relieved that such a positive change is happening.

I'll spare you my blog posts from the percocet-o-sphere ; ) and just pick up next week, all recovered and cheerful.

Otherwise it was a weird day here, in the 70's after a very chilly weekend but raining, windy, muggy and gross. I spent some time this afternoon at a lovely little cafe in Wayne, PA... several towns away from where I live. Theres a hoppin' place called The Gryphon that reminds me of, say, the Inman 1369 (where I used to live).
After 3 months of working from home it was the most simple and wonderful pleasure to be out for a carefree afternoon!

Here in Philly springtime is in its slow unfurling. The Forsythia are all glowing gold and the flowering trees are on their way. I'm from Massachusetts, where winter winds down raw and miserable for these months. Spring itself explodes in MA in about a month between late April and May. Not that I don't love the muddy March and earthy April, but spring here is actually a season- in my shock thats why it keeps ending up in my posts. There were the most amazing clouds when I came out of the cafe, as the storms (and humidity- whew!) moved away.

Have a really great week, everyone!


Knittah said...

The Gryphon? I'm so jealous!

Karen said...

Good luck with the wisdom teeth thing---it's not too bad; just implement the pain meds and eat lots and lots of jello (that's what I did!) :)

mushroommeadows said...

5 wisdom teeth? my goodness! Best of luck. :)

I love the drawing...her sweater is gorgeous!

tinee said...

ouch, dentist time! i have survived this not so bad procedure, too! and i had many many dates with the dentist in the last years... good luck, though!

Clear Pink said...

I am so glad that i found your blog. i have been meaning to thank you for the great treat (1,000th heart gift). i live sorta nearby. i am on the other side of the city.
good luck with the teeth pulling.

laurie said...

Look at all of these comments! Thanks to all of you!

It went really well (thanks, too, Karen... I hit up that jello at midnight and was soooo happy about it!) and all of your words are hugely reassuring.

Yay~ now I get to go visit everyones blogs! :)(<---happy face with puffy cheeks)