Thursday, April 17, 2008

you gonna eat that?

Sometimes, you realize a perfect formula for sketching & a lovely afternoon, and the invitation to walk right into one opens before you. It was back to Wayne, and a stop at The Gryphon before a sunny, warm walk around town.

(I think this is miles to Philadelphia)

Another page from the sketchbook...

"oh, um, you gonna eat that?"

A digression:
Yes, it is a little hard to post today without bringing up the great debate in Philadelphia last night. I'm enjoying the oasis this morning of the BBC before the assurance of all sorts of commentary and reaction that will no doubt carry through the weekend.

My friend Phil asked me what it was like here with the election coming up, and other than listening to the press~ I admit that people are discussing (and I mean to use that word, more than just talking) politics so much more than I've heard in years, and in a different way than I've ever witnessed. It is very positive here! Conversations you overhear on the bus, street, waiting in line, in the coffee shop, at the mall (malls are a big deal out here)... people seem really enthusiastic to share their views and experience, even encouraging each other whether they agree or disagree. Its exciting, and considering I live in a very varied socio-economic area of PA (poverty down the street, mansions up the road) it is quite reassuring to hear everybody involved.


noricum said...

You do such adorable work. :)

laurie said...

I'll let you keep your ice cream, noricum, since you're so nice.
But... maybe just have a smidge?
Mmm... thanks!

anna said...

I agree, love your work! your monsters are so cute and the girls look lovely :)

anna said...

oops, the boys look cool too! didn't want to leave them out!

laurie said...

Hi Anna! thanks for writing... I found your blog- keep it coming! you're wonderful!