Friday, April 18, 2008


Hi all, and happy Friday.
I'm having some trouble with Blogger (it keeps doing weird blippy things) so this post will be quick. It is a beautiful sunny day here, I'm drinking an afternoon coffee in recovery from a spontaneous Gocco printing session that has lasted the last 2 days. Lucky for me, two of my outside Etsy shops must have sensed an energy surge in the Gocco force and have also been in touch, clearing me out of the stashes I've been working on yesterday & today before I even knew what I was printing them for.

The fun began when I thought, I should print up a big batch of spring tags for an afternoon project. Turned on some music, opened the windows, put out my palates and got to work:

Then, not wanting to waste my green ink, I thought I'd give Sofie a little re-print. Tried out a darker ink on the bird and liked it so much... why stop at 6?... or 12?...or 35?...
I'm printing in my room right now since the apartment is a complete disaster of boxes and packing and chaos. It was pretty ridiculous, cards and tags and ink everywhere.
Last night my sister Celeste and I had to work on her baby shower registry, too, with a trip to Babies R Us. So I ended up coming home with a handful of new Moleskine journals for another session with the Gocco today.

Now that its the afternoon, however, I think I'm getting some Gocco burn out. Off to cook dinner and concentrate on something else! Whew! Happy weekend, everyone!

(explanation of that top picture- this is what happens when your scrap paper magazine pile has unexpected recipes lurking in it. I must have almost thrown away that piece of paper 4 or 5 times before the words "Vanilla Malted Cookies" got the better of me. You'll be the first to know when I make vanilla malted cookies. I promise.)

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Safari Lee said...

Wow! You work hard!