Wednesday, June 11, 2008

(currently, in Portland... continued)

Hi there. Well, what can I say? The job search continues, the camera is getting much more use than my pencil (sorry 2B!) and I've almost gotten used to the time difference vs cellphone calling rates enough to start making those phone calls. (Almost.) It is looking hopeful that I'll be able to see the Pacific coast before turning 30 next week. So, you know, things are pretty good around here.

I'm lucky to have just arrived before the onslaught of remarkable weather raging its way through America (and the world for that matter). Friends, readers, fellow crafters... I hope all is well where you are and that you and your loved ones are safe. It is over 100 degrees in places on the East Coast and the Midwest has not been fairing too well, either. My heart goes out to you. Here in our temporary living situation in the Pacific Northwest we are wearing woolens to bed and toasting our toes by the space heater over coffee in the morning. Brrr! Having spent a summer in sweltering New York weather, mostly I feel lucky for this cold. (Mostly.)

I admit I've been slow to blog because photo editing started making me a little cross-eyed by the end of last week. I have a new project, taking pictures of blue things around town, to give myself even more time logged in on Flickr!

I've already extolled the virtues of C's hospitable and generous friends here, it has been really reassuring being among such relaxed and sweet people. Pennsylvania was a study in isolation (having the Etsy shop full-time experience only added to that) so it has been pretty wild being around people again. Last week we were treated to a spontaneous jam session with our hosts here in South West by M and S and a couple of their friends:

And here with our other friends in South East, the side of the river I am hoping to move to, my sister C reading Go Dog Go to R:

In my ramblings around town I've also had reason to ride Portland's tram, and in so doing got some great photos of the downtown Portland area. The first picture shows the river, and bridges going over to South East, the second is the city itself... and those clouds? Yeah, I better get used to those:

Awe, who am I kidding- this place is amazing!

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