Saturday, June 7, 2008

Yellowstone (pt 2): simple beauty

Here spending an evening with our friends after a lovely dinner, watching a little LOTR. I didn't bring my sketchbook with me (drat!) so I thought I would upload the middle Yellowstone photographs. I don't have much to say about these, I'll let them speak for themselves as to the wonder we saw all around us that incredible afternoon.

Sulfur hot springs:

...and a geyser:

...fancy me finding the museum & bookstore on the trail:

...just as the snow stopped I found a different setting on my camera, one particularly perfect for landscape shots:

Oh lovely, lovely, lovely Yellowstone!


mushroommeadows said...

Wow! WOW! The pictures are AMAZING!

laurie said...

Thank you, MM!
there was just so much to see and so many glorious woodlands there, for a while I had to promise myself *not* to use my camera so I would enjoy the entirety.
I'm glad you like them! it is truly an otherworldly place.

Celeste said...

I still think it's incredible that you got snow at Yellowstone! It dawns on my now that it's long been a dream of mine to see this park under snow, so you got to fulfill my dream in this trip. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurie, I'm back in the blogosphere! It looks like you have been having some amazing experiences if the photos are any indication! I can't wait to read through the posts I've missed.

P. S. There's something posted on my blog for you! :)