Friday, August 22, 2008

back to work

Shoghi in post-feeding slumber

For the last few days I've been back at work and, afterward, irresistibly drawn to the hospital to visit the boys on my way home. If you're keeping up with Celeste's mama blog you know the twins are now tucked cozily away in their own crib *together*. Finally! For her (and those of us in her support) the week started out very rocky emotionally, with questionable nurses and so many tasks lined up for Monday-Tuesday that it was hard to get a moment's peace... let alone snuggle time.

Thankfully, this has all settled down just a bit... or maybe less that it settled down and more that everyone re-shuffled, as well as the nursing staff. For me, getting that quiet time to sit with the babies (or rock, as it were) meant stopping by on my way home from work. I even chanced on a visit with Celeste yesterday while she was visiting at night. Some of my photos are grainy, then, because the sun is setting early now. Though we were offered more lights by the nurses on duty, I'm alright with the low lighted look.

Shoghi waking up

Shoghi & Maxwell enjoying their new crib

There have been some (though not many) opportunities to grab a quick sketch here and there. This weeks theme? Floating bubble-blowing children. Oh, and sunflowers... because those are everywhere here right now.

So we are all doing our best around not the best schedules and slightly askew circumstances. Speaking of which, it's time for me to get back to work for another day. There is plenty more to tell and photos to share from our week of ups and downs... more in a bit! Happy Friday everyone!

Celeste & Maxwell

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