Monday, August 18, 2008

my weekend

The beginning of the work week marks my "weekend", a relief in it's own right. This morning, just as I was considering getting out of bed, thunderstorms rolled in over the yellow sunrise and delighted the senses for about 15 minutes of rumbling wet. Nothing beats wrapping up days of oppressive heat with a noisy thunderstorm. I hustled downstairs to make coffee and sit with the purring cat (he doesn't like thunder I've learned) while the rain swept through.

The mugginess broken, temperatures comfortably tucked under the 90 degree mark, it looks like the next several days could be far more easy to handle. I have my eye on finishing a couple of celebratory crafts & projects I've started for people. I'm happy to say this month appears to have shelled out life-changing blessings to more lives than our immediate circle: this calls for paper goods. Otherwise there is quite a bit of baby snuggling (and photographing) I need to catch up with, friends and family I feel as though I haven't seen in weeks, and some continued moving/ unpacking effort to undertake.

~Hope everyone has a happy Monday~


always young at heart said...

I am glad to have missed the oppressive heat but not glad to miss all of you out there in Oregon. boo,hoo.

laurie said...

I miss you too! :(