Monday, August 4, 2008

catching up

no pictures today, and just a quick post. as you've probably figured out there is not much art making going on these days. celeste my resilient sister has made it through 3 whole weeks of hospitalization and bed rest. three weeks! i had mentioned not blogging about this time in the hospital, but the longer she is staying at OHSU and this pregnancy unfolds, it is obvious that this experience for me (as well) has been a major focus and where my heart resides day after day.

so many things in portland are new, my introduction to living in this city has certainly felt like the condensed version. i'm plugging along at my new job, grateful to be working with such creative, spirited people who, on more than one occasion, have ridden along with me the waves of sudden changes going on at the hospital or a night of no sleep with grace and understanding.

currently my mom is in town (all the way from massachusetts!) creating relief and diversion with her presence. familial ties, i think for both of us, feel light years away since celeste was admitted, we started learning about preemies, the reality of even just the labor part of this whole equation started looming. mom's visit couldn't have come at a better time to help us all revive and reset (she'll be leaving just as celeste marks 32 weeks/ 4 weeks at the hospital) and spend some much needed time simply celebrating this wonderful pregnancy.

i trek my sketchbook all over town with me in my handy backpack (thanks, korin!) that holds my most important necessities around this wacky home-work-hospital schedule... but seriously it is not getting much use. i feel blessed to even be blogging right now, and will fill you in with photographs of this chapter next.

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