Tuesday, August 5, 2008

photo tour

...bought Celeste some poppies last week to brighten up the room. We both had fun taking photographs of their drying seed pods, although they weren't drying too fast here in the hospital so I brought them home to my apartment. They are such peculiar plants.

...a photograph from my place of work where I play with paper all day and think about fun projects I someday hope to tackle.

...speaking of peculiar plants, this wonderful passion flower is in full bloom here in Portland. Grabbed this quick photo on my way over to our friend Korin's house the day before yesterday (I never actually know what day of the week it is anymore) with a couple more I'll get on my Flickr page soon. They look like spaceships to me: spaceships!

...and these are the people in my neighborhood. Celeste can go for wheelchair rides every other day, so here is the whole gang (two year old Ruby riding on Korin's shoulders, Celeste sporting wheelchair, and my mom having a laugh) on a sunny and beautiful late afternoon walk. We all had a lot of fun that day!

...mom brought some really adorable infant and baby clothes for the twins. These boys are going to be sporting quite a lot of stripes, I wanted to take pictures of all of them (but I thought I'd leave some for Celeste).


Korin said...

Yay for the sneaky eye pix! :D

Karen said...

Lovely -- seems like you're settling into your new city very nicely :)

kelly said...

great tour-love the mom and sisters pic

laurie said...

the funny thin is- I cropped out the crazy eye! !!!Oh Nooooo!!!! ;)