Monday, August 11, 2008

nice to meet you

Beautiful Maxwell on his first day

8 months of pregnancy, four weeks of bed rest, and 17 states across the country later: my sister has brought two absolute miracles into the world. The story is full of exciting twists and turns... but finally, finally, finally we all get to meet you two on the outside! Just days before our friends P and A came over for Celeste's first photo shoot outside (real grass!) since bed rest with our mom, JoAnn:

Our mom was scheduled to go back to Massachusetts on Friday afternoon, but those grandkids were having nothing of it. Celeste delivered baby A punctually Friday morning at 15 past midnight. Baby B came close behind at 12:16 a.m. With prayers and tears of joy all around them the boys were here on lucky 08.08.08!

Beautiful Shoghi just 17 hours old with Auntie Korin

Sweet Maxwell, the same day

Max with his Memere and a smart new hat

We are all taking pictures when we aren't cuddling with them, so there is plenty more to come. As preemies, they're doing great- breathing on their own and growing every day. Celeste, of course, will have more info pouring in on her blog. I had my first opportunity after work last night to hold Maxwell and it was an absolute joy. Actually... what am I doing blogging~ off for another visit! :)

Shoghi dozing off


Anonymous said...

Karen said...

Yay for babies! :) Congrats to your sister!

Celeste said...

oh, my - this just made me weep. i love you so much!

korin said...

oh happy happy day. many many more to come!

mushroommeadows said...

Yay for such a sweet family!!! TWO CUTE! TOO CUTE indeed!

Vicki said...

happiness! lucky babies! <3

always young at heart said...

wow! a lot was accomplished in that visit! I am back on the east coast but a piece of my heart got left on the west coast with you, Celeste, and the twins. Thanks for being my guide!
xx, mom aka mem-mere

laurie said...

hi everybody! thanks so much for the warm comments and responses. this past week has been full of such wild and huge emotion: how sweet it is, hoe sweet it is!

Sarah said...

Congratulations to our friend Laurie on being such a lucky, happy auntie.
Peter and Sarah