Friday, August 15, 2008

ice cream for dinner

Here we are in a heat wave: temperatures over 100 degrees are expected to last for the next several days. Unlike summertime on the east coast, here temps do tend to fall overnight offering some relief. Though I confess- not much this week. The humidity is holding strong.

Around spending time with and taking new photographs of the twins (happy first week, boys!) I am still trying to get drawing, sketching and painting back into a routine. Portland, as seen from a coast away, gave the impression of being an intensely artistic place- and it is, it certainly is. I admit I wish I was watching the Olympics more than coming home to draw, but while I'm TV-free it's probably better for me to get some (art)work done. I feel very much miles away from the wonderful richness of this city's art scene, basically because I haven't done as much exploring up until now as I thought I would. Best to start with what is within my hands and go from there.


mushroommeadows said...

I love her jacket on your sketch. I would totally wear it!

laurie said...

Thank you MM! I feel the same way. (gentle sigh over love of hoodie)