Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I almost forgot:

With all of this photography I've been doing and very, very random times spent photo-editing, I forgot I had whole hundreds of photos left over from June and July that never got edited, blogged about, or added to Flickr. Obviously, around the same time I stopped posting on Swatchy (so sad!) and since have rarely caught up with the disparate drawings I had been doing up until July.

Well, I'm playing catch-up and even begin to consider the steps it would take in opening my shop again, now that the babies are here and most major transitions in moving here are (at least) apparent... if not over. We are swimming in onesies over here and, I swear, each time I see one I think... hmmm, where to get that color printer? Anyway, the first step on those things isn't always to draw, though I'm doing my best to catch up and consider new designs. I was looking around on Mintd, for example, and completely forgot that last year I opened up a "shop" profile there as well. Oh my. Lots to do.

In less on-point a topic- Celeste and I saw the most huge rainbow I've ever cast eyes on in my life while driving home from the hospital last night. My camera wasn't fast enough (though I'm posting this photo in it's bigfoot-esque vagueness glory) but it was a nice reminder to not become overwhelmed by these things, or hasty to snap that brilliant picture, either. Just watching the rain pass, clouds spread and turn brilliant reds, and seeing this amazing rainbow was like a special treat slowing down and marking time.

...And if you need your fix of adorable baby pics? Yeah, we got that:

Shoghi (air guitar?) falling asleep in his new blue knits last night.


sunnie_fairy said...

"air guitar" Cute!
love your illustrations! :]

Vicki said...

Air guitar!

I'm glad you are settling in. I can't wait for more art and for your etsy shop to be back.