Saturday, August 30, 2008



I was lucky to have time to spend the last few days after work hanging out with both the boys *and* Celeste, who had been staying later at the hospital for a bit. Inspired by one of the slide-shows on Celeste's blog, I switched over to black and white pictures the last time we were there in good light. Thursday she and I traveled down to the cafeteria for dinner during Obama's DNC speech. It was wonderful to be there among a gathered crowd of nurses, doctors, workers, patients, visitors, all heads turned to this historical moment.

...And then we could go upstairs to watch our own histories unfold much more slowly, and close-up. :)



always young at heart said...

MORE PICTURES,PLEASE! we need to see the boys close up,please,please,please. They are changing so fast. I can't believe Shoghi's hair is growing so fast.

laurie said...

Okay, okay, okay! :) Just uploaded a bunch to Flickr. Shoghi seems to be gaining a bunch of weight in his hair!

always young at heart said...
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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and your sister. The boys are adorable.

Marta said...

Sorry, it wasn't ment to be anonymous.

laurie said...

Mom- sorry I removed your second comment... I didn't want to confuse anybody. :)

Marta- What a sweet blog/ shop you have! I hope someday my pictures look as stunning as yours. Thank you so much for the "congrats", it really is an incredible experience having these little babies enter our lives.