Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Etsy*versary

my workspace last year

Step 5~ Don't Despair!

Hi all. Today is my 1 year anniversary on Etsy... or (since I'm not on Etsy right now) as an Etsy artist. I only just happened to recognize this while fiddling with my account this morning before leaving for work. Sure, I started thinking "" about how far {we've} come since last year, but it also made me feel sentimental and reassured about the decision to reopen.

Although the shop is not quite up yet, things are coming into focus in that arena. I bought envelopes and supplies and had a few days to try out some new designs. This year I don't yet have a desk, or a printer, so many things seem precariously balanced, but the same sort of leap was needed last time around. Celeste and I are talking about visiting the Holiday craft fairs in town ~ Portland is a hub of crafting ingenuity. If any of my readers are in the area at the end of the month, my coworkers and friends are participating in the Sunday Best Holiday Sale--- go check out their wonderful blog and be sure to stop by the sale itself!

Otherwise the company of my big sis, snoozing twin nephews, and Return of the Jedi are cheering me up this evening and helping me to shake off the remaining jitters. I hope everyone out there is looking ahead to a bountiful Holiday season, a super crafty weekend, or maybe just some sunny days. And, may the force be with us, everyone! :)


mushroommeadows said...

Happy Etsy Anniversary! I can't wait until you're back! :)

always young at heart said...

it is still amazing to think about what you did in this past year. a huge learning curve: the shop, the move , a new aunty!

Amanda Darling said...

It was SO lovely to see you today, and then such a treat to find your blog. I hope I get to see you again soon -- hopefully in January? Let me know if you come up to Seattle....

Also, did you see Jessanne in the New York Times today?