Monday, November 17, 2008

hello again.

Dear Etsy,

In the past year we've been through a lot together. Last year you got me through Christmas while I was planning my trip out to Portland, Oregon. It took a lot of work, some projects taking off (!) while others floundered. Ups and downs were pretty drastic those last few months of having my shop open, when you were my only form of income, though I learned quite a bit about myself through those hard times.

After the move we fell out of touch for a while... I was preoccupied with my new nephews and finding my way here in a new city. You, for your part, were on Martha Stewart like a zillion times, got a new president of the company, and now when I mention "Etsy" to people- sometimes folks actually know what I'm talking about! Look at you go! I was delighted to hear you're even underwriting in NPR as I was on my way to work last week! It got me thinking of how much I've missed you.

Thank goodness I had the presence of mind to carefully pack my Etsy supplies with priority during the move. I was nervous opening those boxes again... would I still like the work?... I'm grateful for my friends cheering me on through all those nervous moments of reassessing what it is to have an online business.

I just wanted to let you know how incredible it is to be with you again. Both of us have been through a lot of changes and seem to be so much the better for it. Its amazing to me that here we are again, meeting up almost exactly a year later, looking forward to another holiday season together. The moment I listed my first item again all those loving feelings came flooding back, the excitement of putting neat little doodles out into the world, and especially the comfort of being a part of this community.

All my love,


Karen said...

Congrats on opening up the shop again!

laurie said...

its fun to be back! thank you Karen!