Wednesday, November 19, 2008

blogs i love (round 1)

Ever since Jennifer over at the Lift of a Busy Little Bee blog included my blog in an award ("You make my day!" hooray!) I've been thinking... what blogs do I daily track? I have a subscription to Bloglines which holds them all, complete with updates, like "bookmarks" on your computer. I love the system, but after living without consistent internet for so long it can be overwhelming to see all those blogs with new posts pile up.

There are a few, however, that always catch my eye with a new post. I may be too shy to give out awards, but these blogs really are incredibly inspirational to me: The Daily Figure blog is the perfect thing for those of you, like me, who would be content to stay in Figure Drawing class forever. The gesture, expression, and simplicity here is mesmerizing. I am so completely under the power of this blog it is ridiculous. I can't even read it, but the remarkable clarity of Rosa Pomar's images (as well as following her lovely children's adventures) have transfixed me since stumbling on her blog for the first time. Here is the Etsy artist I wish I was. Its funny the artists we find great affinity with, even if our drawings look so different. New posts on the Folk Lover blog consistantly bring a smile to my face, and encourage me to take out the pencils again and again (not to mention the computer, the ink, the watercolor, the markers, the camera...).

There is a list of "Friends & Family" I recently added to my link lists on the right of your computer screen (if you're reading this in Bloglines, or what-have-you, you may have missed it) whose blogs are the very first I look out for in the morning. But, then, a shout-out just wouldn't be complete without the big three: Faded Willow, Mushroom Meadows, and Little Bee. These three blogs make my day time and again, each one with such different tastes.

My girl Karen over at Faded Willow is a list maker like the best of 'em, fellow gemini, and sweet supportive shoulder. She is a crafty jewelry maker and the hands behind Faded Willow on Etsy. Check out her blog and let her strike a match in your imagination as well: Faded Willow

Jennifer over at Life of a Busy Little Bee keeps me feeling warm and snuggly, I always love to see new posts in her neck of the woods. Last winter, through a heavy dose of home sickness, Little Bee was full of New England-y goodness, snowy days, nubbly knits, and wonderful reads. Wisdom and peace exude from her web-presence, go check it out:Life of a Busy Little Bee

Let me tell you about Mushroom Meadows. You know that feeling when you see something especially adorable over on Cute Overload and you honestly let out a little sigh or laugh its just so darn cute? Well, that's just the kind of magic you're going to find over at MM's blog. If you want an extra flutter in your heart there is even an Etsy shop! Seriously, in the world of cute crafts I have yet to see better... those stamps just push me over the (cute) edge!
Mushroom Meadows

So, that's a (really wordy) introduction to my long-standing obsessive blog reading. There are so many more I want to mention... I may have said something about them in my posts last year but can't remember. Now I'm all tuckered out and need to get off the computer, but I hope you all have fun exploring some new blogs and sharing your own diverse blog interests! I'll make this a monthly feature~ it is always such a great way to see what other people are reading. More to come!


Karen said...

You are too sweet -- thank you for the lovely words!

Yours is one of my favorites too; I've loved reading all about your new west-coast adventure :)

Karen said...

...and now I'm going to spend my entire morning browsing through the blogs you've listed...I've already glanced at a few and they're wonderful! :)

mushroommeadows said...

Oh my gosh! You're too kind! The feelings are reciprocal: I LOVE your blog!