Friday, November 21, 2008

recent sketching (going through a voice bubble thing)

Friday nights are not for Etsy, I learned that last year. And so, though I have looked at my page at least 5 times since coming home an hour ago, I'm letting it go for the night by posting on my blog and then (hopefully) closing my computer. Hello blog, I have missed you.

The other goal I have for my night is to get some drawing done. I'm not using markers as much as I was last year- hopelessly devoted to pencil as I always have been, it was only a matter of time before I was picking and choosing from my Prismacolors (yay) without a second thought of the Sharpies (boo). But, anyway, I like the pen-pencil combo I've been coming up with lately, still bulky cartoony now with the softness and texture of pencil too.

recent inspiration, Banyai's "The Other Side"

No such drawings have become "items", followers of the blog and the shop may have noticed I'm beginning my shop with the same stock as last year: Gocco prints, pen-and-ink notecards, some ACEOs and onesies thrown into the mix. In fact, more ouou clothing may get added before any new card styles. Right now I just am not sure where to find a scanner for all my scanny needs. Still, its right and good to keep on drawing until I resolve those initial just-opened, new-town issues.

Okay, back to work!

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korin said...

um, i have a scanner.