Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ouou on CafePress

I'm watching the sun rise on this Portland morning after a night of rain, with an amber-tinged sky and raindrops still lingering on the branches outside. Yesterday was my day off and it was a long afternoon of internet tasks, cleaning up, and some minor packaging. The result? Some headway on ideas I was working on before closing the shop last spring... and another shop! Woo!

I'm finally on CafePress, that funky website where you can import artwork (or photos, or text) and create imprinted goods on CafePress clothing, bags, stickers, mugs or what-have-you. Previous forays into CafePress stressed me out since I had been trying to reproduce small watercolors, but the pen and ink spots are perfect! Right now there is a selection of onesies and (my favorite) mugs. I have a thing about mugs~ I'm sort of crazy about them.

Here is the link~ enjoy!

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noricum said...

So adorable! I put a link to you and your shops in my blog. :)