Friday, November 28, 2008

cheer up, buttercup

Since coming back into my Etsy shop, I've been trying on occasion to explore things on the site that may have changed in the last 6 months while I was away from the internet. I'm not sure if this feature was around in the past, but I just found something else I knew nothing about... this time in Feedback (buyers/sellers leave each other feedback- don't forget!) where you can add an "appreciation photo".
Oh my gosh!
I had a hoot seeing these old appreciation photos Lupin posted there for me last year, so so good to see tonight. I feel another felty blog post coming on, but in the mean time share the love and saunter on over to bugs and fishes to visit her blog, where Lupin has been keeping us all entranced with gift wrapping tutorials (droolworthy). It was this guy that especially dazzled me although this is probably how it would translate in my craft-ability.
Thanks for the cheer-up, Lupin, even if it took me 10 months to find it. :)


mushroommeadows said...

how encouraging! :)

Vicki said...


I miss you :(