Friday, December 5, 2008

the long road

tea with red dragon back in the shop!

I started this post early this morning, but now its night and C & I are hanging out with the twins (sleeping). It has been a while since I was consistently blogging... there are lots of reasons for that.

These days the boys sure are getting big- it seems ages ago it was summertime and there we were spending all that time at the hospital waiting to meet them. Now M is sucking his thumb, S is finding his smile (those gummy grins are killing me!), and just as a pattern has started to emerge around all of our schedules, C is off in no time at all to spend a couple months back home. Oh, and Lost is coming back on (wink sweet sister). While my nephews are getting to know the scratchy skyline of a New England winter, their auntie hopes to be full sail on art * art * art.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

As for me, this month previous has found hard economic times at my place of employment, with growing anxiety and worried faces. With all the strife effecting myself and people I love and care about, it has been disheartening at times to get through the month. Normally I wouldn't get into things like that, but I know a lot of people are suffering through uncertain times and grave decisions right now.

Disheartening, but there has been a lot to be grateful for (now I'm realizing I missed the Thanksgiving post... I even had the obligatory "baby next to turkey" photo. damn.).

I feel lucky indeed to be able to joyfully re-enter my Etsy career, and even luckier that my customers have been good spirited and welcoming~ we could all use such simple kindnesses these days. I've sold out of every last Gocco printed journal that made the cross-country adventure of moving... within two weeks
of having the shop open again. That was truly magical!

* * *
My earnest desire is that my next move involves a place to unfurl the printmaking system again. Every precious moment of downtime is spent with a pencil in hand. Although, now that the shop is up, there is necessary computer time, too. Not many blogs I follow talk about the person behind the scenes, or the process of keeping one's self inspired (blog suggestions or reading material ALWAYS welcome, ladies and gents) but friends and neighbors let's just admit it's not always easy. There are more than enough distractions from the simple act of beginning and finishing a drawing.

Those of you following the blog last year know that it was intended to document the opening and beginning of my Etsy shop. Printmaking came next, and knitting, then cooking, then painting. Although I would love to pick up right where I left off, life is full of a million beginnings and endings, the rolling along of events. What I'm going to try and do is just begin with this week: I'm going to try and post every night until next Saturday. Revive the blog and see what kind of art can come around again from the bottom of a backpack, while house-sitting here with my sister. Why not? I've been living in flux for years now, and at least for a week my computer will be in one house, consistently. With any luck I could even become one of those people who do something crafty every day (...again)!

Very heartfelt best to those of you out there who are having a difficult time this winter. Goodnight, dears, and don't forget the simple kindnesses.

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