Saturday, December 6, 2008

front page Treasury this morning

Well, just about 45 m left before the first day of posting a post every day this week would have been a bust. :) we are approaching midnight over here and I'm nearly cross-eyed with weariness. But, hey! What an exciting day it was.

When I got up this morning and slogged over to my computer, clutching my steaming cup of Stumptown coffee and curling my cold tootsies, there was one of my card designs on the Etsy Front Page! I tell 'ya, that is a great way to start any morning, I was grinning all the way to work. I don't actually know who put it together, Treasuries had shuffled by the time I got back to lists... but thank you to everyone behind the almost 40 new "hearts". Oh what a morning.

Spending some time in Treasuries tonight, I found another that DebsDesign had put together with some ouou flair. I was hoping these kids would start showing up in treasuries again, I always did seem to like whatever combinations they ended up being in--- something about loving that red and blue. Thank you DebsDesign shop for the killer placement in this sweet Holiday treasury. I even get to share realestate with my girl RikRak, and that cute little foxy w marshmallows print I keep seeing everywhere. I'm off to share some hearts of my own before bed!

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