Wednesday, December 10, 2008

more page turning

While our friends are away celebrating Christmas early, my sister and I have taken care of their house over for the week. I've moved my countless small parts of the "web store" merchandise, shipping, packaging and set-up across the mountain (because that sounds dramatic) to this home away from home. I'll probably store my store in my locker at work until I figure out my transitional housing situation, intent on not going back into Vacation Mode after so much time taken post-cross country. These things are all well and good, part of the ending of one chapter and the beginning of another, but for my computer running into a clitchy phase right in the middle of it.

That has sort of been a cause of some worry and intense frustration.

I'm blogging tonight from my sister's computer before heading off to some much needed sleep. I'm reassured that through these waves, the tasks of working on my little ouou land are a great comfort to me. Wrapping cards, making freebie sets, taping mailers... I really like being in the business of making mail. :) But, well, that's why I don't have much news to share tonight~ up in the air these things go, and I'm here on the ground wondering where the chips will fall this time around.

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always young at heart said...

so exciting to see all the merchandise! you know we are cheering for you.