Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I said goodbye to my sister and infant nephews this morning, the end of the opening chapter of our lives here on the west coast and beginning of the grand re-shuffling that marks our next ventures.  Celeste is off to spend a month or so with our parents back east, introducing the boys all around to the friends and loved ones we are far away from out here. As for me, I'll fill the time while they are away initiating momentum in what must be every other sector of my life- these continued transitions seem like they've been relentless.  I have much more to post on the last several days, the upcoming weeks, and everything in-between... but (similar to my  recent posts) today will just have to be quick.

The unbelievable news is that after my computer had it's unfortunate decline last week, I came home from work Sunday and Celeste reported her computer also died.  Hers actually won't even turn on. This is incredibly ill luck for keeping the online business going, as you can imagine.  Our immeasurably generous friends the R family are keeping me afloat by letting me sneak onto their computer for the time being... catching up with a week's worth of orders and dizzying email build-up.  The fact is, I have got to figure out a scenario that will resolve this immediately. 

Otherwise, I really do miss blogging with purpose and intention, and can't wait to hop back into editing photos and organizing subjects so that I can offer you, dear visitors, something with more substance than "more later!"
...until then...
...wish us luck. :)  

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penguinsplunder said...

Eeep! I hope your computer gets fixed. I can't imagine how hard it's gotta be for your business..