Friday, March 27, 2009

Not Enough Spring?

So this week I got the flu.
Yup, even with the luxury of spending a day and a half in bed it was pretty miserable. I'm feeling better, but think maybe this is a good time to put my shop on Vacation and regroup a little. I could use taking a week to work on some Spring themed projects and gear up my energy a little bit. Thanks for all the encouraging comments lately, by the way. March has had many struggles but I feel springtime will work its magic one way or another and help us all to feel refreshed.


Karen said...

Hope you're feeling better!

always young at heart said...

spring is the time for new, here.

mamazen said...

I'm glad you're feeling better, but I miss you! in person and on line!

PS. I love love love my one of a kind LN print. I love it more than new shoes. More than a new tattoo. More than new yarn.

dude, that's a lot of love.