Monday, March 30, 2009


Just a small check-in from my corner of the Internet. I've been taking this "vacation" from the online venue/ my Etsy shop this week as I instituted a schedule around my not-leaving-home-to-go-to-work time. This change has been good, although slow, like the recovery in our small corner of Portland from the various illnesses in our home. Let's hope by next week everyone is feeling ship shape!

The afternoon of closing down ouou.etsy for this break I was cleaning my room and - woo! - found the Gocco screens I had misplaced in the various moves that got us here. Oh, what a relief, for both my sister and myself, as we worked a great deal with the Gocco last year and were eager to return. I have been cranking out a pretty satisfactory number of drawings, paintings and brainstorms. Sales don't run an Etsy shop~ imagination does, and I sorely needed an immersion back into my own before even thinking about making new Gocco prints.

Otherwise I am playing with some drawings for spring and paintings encouraged by a friend. The paintings will probably end up on Flickr, as well as some other stuff I'm working on, without being involved in the shop. Spring designs, however, are still in the works, and I'll get ready to reopen when I feel more confident about switching out the winter/ snow/ steam of the collection I've had so far. Remember, this time last year I was packing up to move- I spent the spring and summer seasons closed! Not this time around. :)

So we'll hope the week brings days closer to robust health for my kin, and an announcement about the shop.

Walks around the neighborhood are unfolding more and more scrumptious beauty, and the boys week by week seem to be passing through stages like shifts in weather. MNJ has begin testing his tongue and making strange little baby conversation noises, much to the repeated surprise and delight of us all. SL continues to build his muscles and act the gymnast. He figured out how to jump and in that moment redefined the meaning of supreme happiness for his baby self. While the flu and subsequent colds hold sway over the house, sleep (and everything else, really) just is what it is.

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mushroommeadows said...

Hope you have a pleasant vacation!