Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring time and sleep training

Yesterday my sister, nephews, and I packed up early in the morning for opening day of the PSU Portland Farmer's Market. There are other smaller farmer's markets throughout Portland neighborhoods that open later as the summer progresses (right down the street!), but with the first day of spring the big downtown market unfolds its tent and the best time of year has officially begun.

If somehow I've managed to skirt the issue, we had been a house of troubled sleep for... ugh... two weeks? More? There is a lot of background here in the developmental changes both boys have been going through, but when you hit a wall ~ ~ ~ you hit a wall. So this past week the house has been in a new cycle of uncharted territory, that of sleep training. And honey, let me tell you, exhausted takes on whole new meaning with a baby that is up every 45 minutes.

Anyway, it was perfect timing for the sights and sounds of Portland's Saturday destination. Some fresh air was in order, and we knew to expect a bustling hubbub of excited Portlanders. There were musicians and farmers and kids, kids, kids. City dwellers and those that live outside downtown like us. We decided against a stroller and for baby carriers, miraculously clever considering the narrow pathways between vendors.

This week was mostly potatoes, onions, parsnips (damn, we just bought those), and the flowers/ baked goods you come to expect. We had a great afternoon, the boys were having such a good time batting their eyes at everyone, and since it is raining a lot this morning I can also add a dose of gratitude for some nice weather.

In the afternoon there was a lot of activity in the house, and we went out again for a scrumptious dinner with our neighbors at night. All of this has lead to a sort of "two steps back" aspect to today, but at least we know that we over did it. :)

As for the sleep training, this was not really effected by the day's adventures. The boys had their first really exceptional night. As for the adults of the house? Every few days we have to re-group and see what the next few days holds. Our planned meals are beyond their planned week, and today we have not been keeping track of awake, asleep, bottle... the things we usually map out throughout the day. So, you can see we are tired and veering from the methods we use to keep ourselves going. Next farmer's market we attend will have to be the beginning of a truly mellow day.

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mushroommeadows said...

Sleep deprivation is not fun! I hope your cute nephews get into a nice pattern of sleep habits soon! :)

Yay for spring and for outdoor markets!!! :)