Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I'm feeling happy tonight, and excited about this blog post. Inspired by a lovely seller, Kathi from kathiroussel, I'm starting off with the treasury she created last week. Who is that tromping through the springtime in the center bottom row but sweet Audrey! Awe, thanks again Kathi!

Sometimes a treasury (which is a collection of Etsy images that a seller puts together of other sellers' work and then posts in the rotating list of other Treasuries) strikes the imagination. I really loved the deep black and bright color combination of this gathering. I love that childhood springtime fondness, the remembrance of nature waking up, of growing things poking through the thick-smelling leaves. The metals and pearls and horn-shaped coral forms... these things matched with cottages and shoes and hats~ I just felt transported into some haunting folk tale backdrop following the link (...trail of breadcrumbs...) to this Treasury.

The curator of this woodland gallery also, I should add, has a simply wonderful shop. Her jewelry gives me the same sense of hand-held stories, delicate and mysterious or whimsical. I was wowed stopping by her shop and seeing her photographs. Really professional, crisp (crisp seems to be a word I like a lot lately) images that capture the personalities of her objects so well. Such a joyful find!

I'd like to thank a list of people for including ouou in their thoughts and blogs this past week. Penny Glass Girl wrote a list of current favorites from Etsy- check out her post here. I especially love that photograph of her studio space- coming from a work-space mess-maker, pictures of a clean studio make me silly with envy. Six Gun Annie did a search in Etsy under "tree" and added Blue Bird to her list of loved results. The robot parade in Land of Cupcakes took a march on over to Diffraction- take a wander on over yourself and wish them a Happy Birthday!

Just something about this blog post- the subject of fairy tales or magic or blackness & luminous color- makes me want to include mention of knitalatte. This is another one of those shops that, having seen her work, strikes such a resonant chord. These collections of curiosities, all with knitted cozies or costumes, are so imaginative I admit, I've gone back to her shop countless times just to stare. Something like museum artifacts, something like children's collections of nonsense mementos, the heart of knitalatte's craft is clever, strange and funny.

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kathiroussel said...

hi laurie-- i finally stole a chance to visit your blog--- it's been a hectic week! i am so touched by your thoughts about the treasury and how it set you on a stroll through memory and sensation---what a beautiful thing!!! as is your blog-- and your work!! i too adore knitalatte--- i was smitten when i first encountered her work. i have done a fair amount of knitting and crocheting in my life so i can appreciate her unique work.

many thanks for all of your lovely and thoughtful comments regarding my work and shop as well! happy spring to you..although i totally agree with you about march...
p.s. please stop and visit my new blog kathiroussel.blogspot.com